I teach yoga and mindfulness practices that inspire connection, collaboration, and awareness. Colibri Yoga and Mindfulness is a resource and guide for parents and organizations seeking inner peace, strength and confidence.

Learning to manage our inner landscape gives us the capacity to do great work in the world.


I work with individuals, groups, schools, families, and businesses.



PEACE begins at home – the body we live in, our family and community. Managing our mind and emotions helps us to be conscious and responsible citizens of the planet. I teach yoga and mindfulness to future leaders in Seattle. You will find me in Seattle schools (public and private),on-site business retreatsstudios, community centers, and local parks. I teach social emotional learning skills through yoga and mindfulness in classes and on retreat. It brings me great joy to share this with the world.

My vision is for every being to connect with their own inner light.

My mission is to teach practices that enhance cooperation, collaboration, and awareness so we can experience more INNER PEACE.

Inner Peace: A result of Mindfulness Practices

I will tell you first hand what an informed, compassionate, fun and creative teacher Kara-Lee is. Kara-Lee teaches class at the senior center where I work, and the seniors find her super helpful. Not all of them were ready to embrace meditation, but she is so inviting and warm, they felt welcome to engage as they wished. I too have taken her class and will be back.

Kate Harkins

Community Engagement Coordinator, Southeast Seattle Senior Center

“I have had the great pleasure of being both a student and a colleague of Kara-Lee. Her teaching abilities are excellent. She has a very good sense of timing and the needs of a group. In addition, she is such a warm and compassionate human being that everyone in her classes feels taken care of. As a colleague I feel no hesitation about her leadership abilities. She is a very capable leader/facilitator and would be a wonderful addition to any organization.”

Judith Waldman


“Kara-Lee, the woman with such grace and humility. Thank you for letting us inside your fountain of compassionate love ❤️ .
May you continue to inspire humanity.”

Joyce Faulk

Women's Wisdom Retreat Breitenbush, Oregon

phone: (206) 569-5293