Kids Yoga in Seattle with Kara-Lee

Colibri Kids Yoga in Seattle offers yoga classes that are inspired by Next Generation Yoga lesson plans and the Mindful Schools curriculum. Inspired by the fun, imaginative, and intelligent minds of children, and based on the most recent research on the benefits of mindfulness in children these classes are infused with music, breathing techniques, art, books, and sensory exploration. Classes are an equal balance between active and passive poses, and incorporate song, dance, and time for sharing and reflection.

Inviting children to laughter, teaching them to love themselves, each other and the world, and seeing their sweet smiles as they slow down and relax are some of my favorite things about teaching kids yoga.” ~ Kara-Lee


  • Kids learn how to take care of themselves.

  • Kids yoga Helps with self-regulation, learning how to connect with their hearts and show compassion and gratitude.

  • The state of the nervous system determines a child’s ability to learn. 

  • Yoga and mindfulness shift the awareness shifts our reality.

  • Yoga Improves attention 

  • Kids learn impulse control through yoga

  • kids Yoga helps decreases stress and anxiety

There are several ways you can experience Colibri Kids Yoga in Seattle

1). Join one of my Yoga in the Park classes- open to everyone!
2). Check out my kids yoga classes at The Space Between
3). Schedule private or family sessions in your home
4). EMAIL ME to discuss custom class options

Kids LOVE Colibri Kids Yoga and Kara-Lee


“Yoga with Kara-Lee is relaxing and fun. Kara-Lee is really nice.”.”
Zach, age 8


“It’s so peaceful, it’s so relaxing, and I love connecting to the earth.”.”
Zephr, age 5


Yoga is really fun and makes my body deep calm. My favorite pose is downward dog.”
Zoie, age 6