FAQ about Kids Yoga

Why do I love teaching kids yoga?

Witnessing kids growing and learning how to become more present with themselves, each other, and the world and watching smiles appear upon their faces during relaxation pose are some of the many reasons why I love teaching kids yoga!

What are my qualifications?

I have my Master’s in Education and Mental Health Counseling and have worked with kids and families for over twenty years in various settings; schools, public health, shelters and mental health agencies. I try my best to walk my talk and have developed my own mindfulness and meditation practices that I incorporate into my life every day.

What do I offer?

I offer classes in Seattle public schools, private yoga sessions for groups, families, and individual children. Workshops and family yoga retreats in various locations. Fun themed classes around Seattle in parks, art galleries, libraries, and community centers. Check out my class options here.

What are the benefits of kids yoga and mindfulness?

  • Quiets the mind.
  • Helps focus.
  • Increase self-regulation and decrease anxiety and stress.
  • Slows down heart rate and improves health.
  • Increases strength and body awareness.
  • Increase confidence.

Who can do yoga?

Anyone! I teach ages 2-100 :). Sometimes children younger than two come to our family classes and enjoy being on the mat and snuggling with their parents.

Does my child need to be familiar with the poses of have done yoga previously?

There is no previous experience or exposure to yoga needed to take my classes. Beginners are welcome!

What kind of equipment do I need?

No equipment is needed. If you have yoga mats that you would like to use please feel free to bring them.